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Why is a Custom Website Design Better Than a Template
1 December, 2022 - by Encloudment | Web Development

Why is a Custom Website Design Better Than a Template

Why is a Custom Website Design Better Than a Template?

Every client expects the businesses with whom they do business to have a website. One option to make when working on your internet presence is the website design. In many circumstances, the choice is between a readymade template and a custom website design.

A readymade template is a finalised theme that is sold to several businesses at a lesser cost. Custom website designs are unique to your business, and you work with the designers to create the final product. Here are six ways they outperform a prepared theme in terms of value.

  1. Designed to Your Specifications

Web designers create designs depending on your individual requirements. If you utilise a prepared theme, you must operate within the constraints imposed by the template. The bespoke design incorporates industry best practises, key features employed by the most competitive organisations in your market segment, and quality coding.

  1. Contributes to your current and future business objectives

When the entire design of your website centres on your present and future business goals, it does a better job of supporting them. If you want to focus on growth, for example, you would include elements designed to increase traffic to your website, build an email list, and develop a loyal following.

  1. Exclusive to Your Website

You wouldn’t use the same brand identity as another company, so why would you utilise a site design that anybody could implement? Customers may be confused if a competitor uses the same or a similar template. A custom design is exclusively used on your website, allowing you to emphasise your unique identity.

  1. Designed for Scalability

Many premade designs lack the foundation for your business to grow. You don’t want to go through a full website redesign while your company is experiencing rapid growth. As your company grows, custom web designs are coded to manage increased traffic. Experienced custom designers will also utilise best practises to aid in search engine optimization and user experience. You only have one chance to persuade a new visitor to your site before they click away to a competitor, so make sure it’s working properly.

  1. Ongoing Assistance

There is little after-sales assistance for premade themes. In many situations, the designers who provide these templates are concerned about volume. You won’t be able to rely on their assistance if your company’s website fails to install effectively or has design flaws. You cannot take that chance when your company’s reputation is dependent on a good web presence. Custom designers offer continuing assistance to meet your changing demands. Feature additions, security enhancements, and other upgrades keep your website current.

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