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How does brand Positioning Work
17 January, 2023 - by Encloudment | Web Development

How does brand Positioning Work

How does brand positioning work?

Developing and documenting your story or constitution based on learning about your OESP and what makes your consumers tick.


Simply said, brand positioning is the process of getting your company’s name in front of your target audience. A positioning plan, brand strategy, or brand positioning statement are other names for brand positioning.


It simply needs to be one A4 page long and should include information on who you are, what your clients see as your Unique Emotional Selling Point, and how you plan to fulfil your commitment.

What will a position for a brand look like?

Your brand position statement will typically consist of three to four paragraphs that explain your purpose for existing as well as your unique ESP.

Will I need a new logo or to change my brand?

Not necessary, unless you find that your brand stance does not connect with your present brand and identity. In fact, it could be a good idea to operate as if your present brand doesn’t exist while determining your brand position. You may then determine how well or poorly matched you were before when you reach the moment of discovery with your new brand!

Many times, businesses are founded on a single concept based on a talent or understanding of a good or service. It is necessary to give this thing a name, and in certain circumstances, the company owner will define what it signifies in his or her thoughts. In order to satisfy demand as their firm expands, the entrepreneur hires additional individuals with both those abilities and the ones they themselves lack. The initial concept has now evolved a little, and the organization’s identity and brand no longer accurately represent it.


Nearly all firms go through this natural process at some time throughout their development. You might need to think about your brand position at this stage, especially if you’re thinking about continuing or accelerating your expansion.

What results should I anticipate after creating a brand positioning statement?

None right away; this is about your company’s long-term plan. You and your team will now be aware of and understand what you stand for moving forward. You all have a slogan to live by and a shared objective to accomplish.


The actual job has just begun.

You may now unify everything you say and do with your company under this heading. You can clearly explain what you do or provide, who it is for, and what it will give them, and your staff is aware of and knowledgeable about how to deliver it.


When used in your marketing, you will begin to draw in the clients you have recognised as having a connection with you. They’ll recognise that you “understand” them and that you have everything they’re looking for. Also, and perhaps more crucially, they will pay the proper price for the items they value.

What impact will it have on my company, my employees, and my clients?

Branding Increases Recognizability

You may start to expand and sustain a profitable business with a strong, clear, and consistent brand. A brand is more than simply how your company is aesthetically displayed; it also refers to how your customers view you in the marketplace.

For instance, you are aware that Apple creates technology that is beautifully designed, inventive, industrious, and functional right out of the box in addition to producing laptops and smartphones. Apple’s marketing positioning encourages you to “Think Different” as a result.


strengthens the workforce

You shouldn’t anticipate that your team or employees would be driven by your brand if it is poor or unattractive in any manner. They will actually never be as passionate about it as you are as a CEO or business owner. As long as you pay them, they will continue to exist, but they won’t be motivated to care deeply about your goods and services, they won’t work hard to meet goals, they won’t respect your clients the way you do, and they won’t remain around.

If you give them a strong brand with a compelling narrative and an encouraging motto to live by, they will march in unison to the music of your company. Your consumers will feel special enough to keep returning because they will be motivated to do more for them.


enhances design and improves marketing

Marketing your company will be much simpler if you have a clearly defined brand stance. You may apply this to your company’s visual design and tone of voice by creating a document that expresses your aim and your message.

You can decide what message, what phrases, what colours, and what appearance matches with your brand with ease if you have a clear knowledge of who you are and how you want the people to whom you sell to view you.

So, the brand stance informs the design of a logo, the development of a visual identity, and the creation of truly alluring and captivating content.

You can decide what message, what phrases, what colours, and what appearance matches with your brand with ease if you have a clear knowledge of who you are and how you want the people to whom you sell to view you.


So, the brand stance informs the design of a logo, the development of a visual identity, and the creation of truly alluring and captivating content.

Branding Is Important

Your brand will eventually prove to be the most important component of your business. Although the goods and services you offer may be comparable to those of your rivals, what distinguishes you from them is the brand you have built, developed, and maintained. And because of this, others will want to buy from you and eventually crave you.


The most potent asset a company can have is a strong brand that has been nurtured and polished through time. It is also the only asset you can ultimately use as leverage when you decide to move on.

But bear in mind that enormous power also with great responsibility.


A brand’s worth may increase and decrease, and it occasionally can do so quickly.


Gerald Ratner can fill you in on everything. So, you must develop means of protecting your reputation and brand.

This is where we return to the one sheet of paper that holds the positioning of your brand. You are on the right track if everyone in your organisation understands what it means and, more importantly, believes it. You could just be onto something significant if it stays at the centre of your whole company and spreads out to all of your goods and services.

Why is a brand position necessary for my business?

Each company’s reputation is its most important asset on the balance sheet. not the equipment, the property, or any other tangible assets.


Up to 60% of a company’s worth has occasionally been predicated on its brand or reputation when it has changed hands. In these situations, the investor or buyer is purchasing the brand rather than the actual business. People purchase it because it provides value that goes above and beyond the company’s offerings of goods and services.


So why wouldn’t you put some of your revenue on creating 60% of your future company

You can: Spend money developing a brand position strategy statement.


Differentiate yourself from the competitors

With the use of brand positioning, you may define certain boundaries that no rival will dare cross since they risk being branded as “me-too” businesses that choose to be market followers rather than market leaders.

Concentrate on a certain target market

By asserting your distinctiveness through positioning, you’ll be motivated to concentrate your offerings in that manner. As a result, it will help you establish your credibility as a subject-matter authority in your industry. As opposed to a firm that becomes more generalist, it is true that a company that specialises would expand twice as quickly and avoid several business difficulties.

Continue to support pricing and service development

By comparing yourself to your competitors through brand positioning, you may define and develop new items or services to offer and choose how much to charge for them. You will determine if you are a low-cost, no-frills supplier or a high-end boutique provider by knowing and understanding your position in the market.

Encourage better, more original decision-making

When it comes to marketing and promotion, being aware of your core brand messaging can enable you to make more wise choices. Your ability to articulate your position successfully will increase if you have a clear position.

support in supplying tools to attract more clients

Having a more concentrated sales and business development team and a distinctive brand position can increase your company’s exposure and top of mind recall with potential customers. When established and used properly, brand positioning may boost your marketing and sales. It may assist in concentrating your firm’s attractiveness to customers, your marketing message, and your offerings.

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