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WP Engine Web Hosting Review
15 September, 2021 - by Encloudment | Web Hosting

WP Engine Web Hosting Review

WP Engine

For website owners who want to take a hands-off approach to website management, WP Engine Web Hosting is one of the best-managed WordPress hosting services available.

WP Engine is the best WordPress hosting provider for managed hosting, with exceptional uptime, a high-performance hosting environment, real-time threat detection, and several premium hosting options.


  • Managed hosting is an option worth considering if you want to ensure that your website is optimised, safe, and fast-loading without having to do a lot of work yourself. WP Engine is one of the most well-known providers of managed WordPress hosting.
  • WP Engine’s main page.
  • Its service includes a number of WordPress-specific features, such as:
  • Migrations from your old host are simple and quick.
  • An important security step is a free Secure Socket Layers (SSL) certificate.
  • Setup assistance for staging sites.
  • There are numerous solutions for performance monitoring and diagnostics.


Performance is what makes or breaks a web host. Features and support are vital, but performance is what makes or breaks a web host. WP Engine, on the other hand, comes with a slew of performance-enhancing features, including:

All options offer a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) service.

A Page Performance solution that analyses your website and suggests ways to enhance performance.

GeoTarget is an add-on that optimises your site for specific regions.

WP Engine also has a large number of server locations. We won’t mention them all (there are 19), but they span North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


WordPress users will appreciate how well-optimized it is.

The process of administering your website is made easier.

Consistently delivers great results.

Provides a lot of competent and dedicated support.

Not everyone’s budget will be able to accommodate it.

Managed hosting is only available on shared servers (or dedicated servers on the custom plans).


WP Engine plans feature a large amount of support. You’ll have access to dedicated support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via phone, email, or live chat. Once you’ve signed up, you may easily access support options from your user portal.

There are numerous solutions for performance monitoring and diagnostics.


While WP Engine only provides one type of service – managed WordPress hosting – it does so with a variety of tiered options. These plans differ substantially in terms of the number of resources they provide and the number of sites they support, indicating that you’ll be getting a highly scalable service.

Let’s quickly go over each of the WP Engine plans:

  • ($20 per month) for a start-up
  • Professional (monthly fee of $39.33)
  • Monthly growth ($76.67)
  • Scale ($193.33 per month) is a monthly subscription service.

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