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KINSTA Web Hosting Review
15 September, 2021 - by Encloudment | Web Hosting

KINSTA Web Hosting Review

KINSTA Web Hosting

It’s built on the Google Cloud Platform, that offers managed WordPress services that are unrivalled in terms of server capacity and optimization which means the servers are speedy and have built-in redundancy. If you need assistance, there is a support crew that is fully competent in WordPress, at least according to the marketing claims.

This is, without a doubt, the holy grail of WordPress hosting. It’s quick, it’s attractive, and it has the potential to make your wallet reassess its life choices. Kinsta’s cheapest plan is more expensive than Hostinger’s cheapest plan. Kinsta, on the other hand, offers managed hosting, whereas Hostinger’s cheapest package is for shared hosting. Kinsta also only runs WordPress, but it gives you a lot of value for your buck.


  • Every two minutes, all plans include website uptime checks, a guarantee that your website will be fixed if it is hacked, and automated server scalability.
  • The Starter plan includes one website, ten gigabytes of disc space, and adequate bandwidth for 20,000 monthly visits.
  • Higher-tier plans provide more websites and resources, up to a total of 20 websites, 400,000 visits, and 50GB of storage. Aside from that, all plans are the same.
  • It’s completely cloud-based, with its own optimized server technology, and daily backups are included by default.
  • Kinsta has seven data centres in the United States and twenty-four worldwide but Kinsta does not own its own data centres, instead relying on Google’s cutting-edge, high-performance cloud data centres to host its WordPress platform. That means you not only receive the greatest, most up-to-date technology for your project, but you also have a variety of server locations to choose from.
  • While many providers will let you use a third-party CDN, it’s usually Cloudflare, and it’s usually the free plan. Unless you pay for Cloudflare’s stronger plans, this puts you at a significant disadvantage.
  • To put that in perspective, the greatest amount of RAM available from Kinsta is expected to be roughly ten times that of competitors.
  • Kinsta Web Hosting has created its own WordPress platform and built and configured every configuration to meet your WordPress requirements.
  • The domain and DNS settings were the only difficulty. They weren’t set up to work with my domain because it was hosted somewhere else.


  • Over the course of four months, average entire page loading times were 1.2 seconds, global loading times were 0.631s, and site uptime was 100 percent. That’s a near-impossibly good outcome, but Kinsta managed to pull it off.
  • So you set up a real WordPress one-page site on our site, complete with HD photos, JavaScript, and other standard features of a functioning website.
  • The fastest time was 0.8 seconds, the average was 1.2 seconds, and the slowest time was 1.6 seconds, which was absolutely fine. “Keep it under 2 seconds,” is the acknowledged benchmark for paging loading speed. People won’t load Netflix while they wait if you go too much above that standard; instead, they’ll go to another website.


It’s fine. It’s not spectacular, but it will do.

The “chat box” for pre-sales ended up being a form that was sent as an email. Customers prefer live chat, but when customers receive a response rather fast, with an agent proposing to set up a pre-sales phone call.


Kinsta 600x300 - secure - dark

  • Kinsta is a very costly service and only credit cards are accepted for payment. We’re talking about a 3-30 fold increase in price if you’re used to ordinary shared hosting, which costs roughly $1-10 per month. That money, on the other hand, is spent.
  • This service outperforms the competition in terms of value for money. The only other service that comes close is Liquid Web, which is likewise quite pricey, however significantly less so than Kinsta.
  • There are no odd pricing tiers — you can pay monthly or yearly, with the latter offering a slight discount. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and no hidden upsells or fees.

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